How can I create an Audio CD from my live concert DVD?

Creating an Audio CD can't be easier with DVD Audio Extractor's CD Image creating feature. Select all the chapters you are interested in and select "CD Image and Cuesheet" format in Step 2. Go through Step 4 and click "Start". When finished just import the created *.cue file into your favorite CD burning software.

If you want to build a CD with audios from different DVD discs or titles, you can also extract your selected audio to Wave format. In Step 2 select "PCM Uncompressed Wave". And be sure to select 44100Hz sample rate and Stereo because these are the standard format for audio CD. Then you just need to input the resulted *.wav files to your audio CD burning software.

Note: Extracting audios to MP3 and then record the MP3 to Audio CD is a bad idea. This involves converting from lossless to MP3, and then MP3 to lossless again. Do not do that if you care about audio quality.